eclisse lightzero icoCET makes available LightZero ™ technology aimed at creating images of perforated metal sheets.


materiali ICOThe materials with which you can build the gates, fences and railings artistic ranging from stainless steel, the iron, the copper, the CorTen ...




tecnologie ICO

The use of the most modern technologies of metal processing allows us to create images with perforated sheet...


sinergie ico

Aware of innovation of this project working, thanks to the synergies that occurred between the different professionals in the field ...


CET Casara Engraving Technology

Via G. Finozzi, 35

Malo (VI) Italia

Tel:. 0445 1716081

Fax:.0445 1712023

E-mail info@cetdesign.it

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The vast experience and strong technology investments have allowed us to provide the best image quality of perforated sheet at the best price, compare us with competitors.


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